Dick Pics

I found this Gem on Huffington Post today, and it’s definitely worth 3:46 minutes of your time. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a man asks me to ‘send them a pic,’ especially when I just met them. I don’t send pictures of myself via text,or over internet in general, and this is why.

Just as bad as being asked for pictures…is getting unsolicited photos sent to me. Luckily, I’ve never gotten and ‘dick pics’ sent to me, just random Selfies (side note: Selfies are very rarely a good look for a man. Like almost never), but I think I’m in the minority. Most women I know have received at least one dick pic, and I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going through these men’s minds when they send it.

Do they think we find it sexy? (in all fairness – I’m sure some women do)

Do they think that if they send us theirs, we’ll send them ours? (doubtful, but I guess it’s worth a shot)

Do they think that their dick is so beautiful and magnificent that it needs to be shared with the world, one stranger at a time? (it’s probably not)

While I can’t get into a man’s mind to find out what they are thinking as they snap, attach, and send these dick pics – this video is pretty spot on in covering all the things that go through a woman’s mind when she receives them. 

You can find the full Huffington Post article here.



same ol’ same ol’

Why is it, that even when you tell someone you aren’t interested – they keep messaging you? I never understood how this happens. They can’t even use the excuse that they didn’t realize they had messaged you before, because (at least on OK Cupid) it tells you when you last messaged that person.

Clear as day. Right on a person’s profile page, fairly close to the ‘message’ button.

February 23, 2013

Hi …lets get to know each other .is that ok ?

March 2, 2013

Hi …Lets get to know each other …is that ok ?

Yep, pretty much the same message. This time I decided to just respond and let him know I wasn’t interested.

Me: I’m sorry I’m not interested. But thanks for the message!

Him: No worries …Good luck on Cupid ..

I said thanks, and didn’t think much else of it. I figured that was that.

March 15, 2013

Hi ..I like ur music and movie list ..have some things in common ..Lets get to know each other is that ok ?

I just don’t get it.