Brunch and Dinner

I know it’s been a while – and I apologize. It’s been a crazy few weeks – vacation, work, my 30th Birthday, and an upcoming surgery…busy busy busy.

But that’s not the point of this blog, so here is a couple of ‘interesting’ messages I’ve received recently…

Can u be my dinner date with my parents. I’d like to introduce u

You don’t even know me. Why would you want to introduce me to your parents??

I want to get to know you and they come in town at the end of the month, so it’s not immediate.

10 minutes later…

So that’s a no right?

Ya think?

And then there was this gem…

I am sure you get lots of emails every day but I figured if I’m going to message anyone on this site it should be you. You’re definitely my type: curvy, cute & sexy at the same time and you’ve the greatest smile. To be honest I’m turned on by submissive, sensual women who enjoy being dominated in bed, or tied up during sex. I’m not just looking for sex, really just a brunch partner would be fine ( love brunch ) And I think we would make good cuddle buddies when we have time off from our busy lives.

What the….


4 thoughts on “Brunch and Dinner

  1. Just what dating site are you on: Meet every asshole in the tri-state area? Yikes!!!!

    Sent from Karen’s iPhone.

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